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Whether you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen or starting from scratch, be on the lookout for the hottest kitchen appliance trends of 2020! We can help with any questions you have about household appliances. Check out the products we offer.

  1. Steam ovens: one of the fastest-growing trends in kitchen appliances is the rise of steam ovens. Steam ovens are used as a healthy method of cooking that can grant you amazing results. Try a convection steam oven if you’re looking for something that doesn’t sacrifice heat for health.
  2. New fridges: people love black matte finishes on fridges, along with food zones inside the fridge that will compartmentalize different types of food. Fridges with handles are also a thing of the past!
  3. Bluetooth options on ovens: new ovens are being created with the option to sync with a Bluetooth device. You won’t need to rely on oven timers or preheat wait times anymore!
  4. Finger touch on oven knobs: finger touch and swipe controls will replace knobs on your stove’s range. This will help you control the temperature of your flames with a touch and a swipe instead of turning a knob.
  5. White is in: white is one of the top color choices of the year for kitchen appliances. White appliances introduce a new way to reflect cleanliness with a touch of class.
  6. Appliances with Wifi: some kitchen appliances will allow you to connect wirelessly via Wifi. This lets you control everything from your smartphone – you’ll be able to set lighting, the temperature of your fridge, the temperature and timing of ovens and stove tops, timers on your microwave, and so on.
  7. Multi-cookers: these advanced new appliances allow food enthusiasts to prepare their food in a variety of ways. You can enjoy your favorite meals now without having to dip your food into butter or oil when you heat up your cookware.
  8. Built-in vacuum sealers: to preserve your food in the healthiest form, a vacuum sealer is a must-have! Now, you can have a built-in vacuum sealer installed in your kitchen, which will slow down the aging and degrading process of your food.
  9. Hydration centers: built-in filtered water dispensers are all the rage this year. Conveniently located in many areas of the home, this self serve design allows for filtered water to be available to you without having to walk into another room.
  10. Personalization: this year, kitchens are getting personal! Find that unique piece to personalize your kitchen to perfectly reflect you and your family. Feel free to customize every element of your kitchen so that it’s perfect for you and your needs.

During your kitchen’s face-lift or building your new home, it’s important to consider current trends so that you make sure your kitchen is up-to-date and efficient. More modern looking kitchens will increase the value of your home as well. For any of your household appliance needs, contact us today at Bell’s Appliance Service! We’re excited to help.

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