In our last blog post, we discussed some common washing machine problems. What about when your dryer starts doing something strange? Keep reading to find out about common dryer problems, and how you might fix them.

1. Clothing Doesn’t Dry

You had one job, dryer. When your clothing finishes the cycle and it’s hot by not dry, you could have a broken heating element. In this case, it’s best to call a professional for between $170 to $280 to handle this major element.

Did the problem develop over time? You could also have a clogged ventilation system or even a clogged lint filter that’s keeping air from flowing freely. Check these elements if your heating element looks healthy.

2. Your Dryer Squeaks and Grinds

This next one is probably one of the most common dryer problems we hear of. If the motor of your dryer is about to go, it will tell you with jarring sounds. Keep your ear out for possible:

  • Worn out rollers and axles
  • Worn or broken drive belts
  • Dying motor

Replacing a dryer belt yourself is doable for around $10 and $20, but call in a pro if you’re concerned about opening up the machine yourself. The motor is the heart of your machine, but replacing it is much cheaper than buying a new machine, coming in between $190 and $330.

3. You Have Power Without the Spin

The dryer turns on and gets warm, but doesn’t spin. Unless you’ve set it to the “dry flat” setting, this is an issue.

In addition to possible motor or belt issues listed just above, it could be a broken idler pulley. These two pieces work together to spin the drum. The idler pulley keeps the drum belt taut for a fast spin. You may be able to purchase a new belt and pulley in one kit for between $10 and $20.

4. Your Dryer Won’t Turn On

Just like the washer, always start by checking the power source. Look at the outlet, the outlet’s reset button, and the fuse box that feeds into that part of your home.

If all looks good, you could have a burned-out fuse in your machine itself. Dryers also include a thermal fuse—a safety mechanism that shuts your machine down when it overheats. If this fuse burned out in the process, replace it yourself for $5 to $10 or $80 to $130 with a pro.

Identifying the problem with your washer or dryer can be half the battle. Call in a washing machine or dryer repair team for the quickest diagnosis.

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