The cost of appliance refinishing can vary widely. With that said, refinishing appliances costs an average of $350, although costs may range from $50 to $1,500. The typical cost range for labor and materials is $150 to $700. Over time, your appliances may begin to look dull and dated. Refinishing appliances by painting them or adding a fresh porcelain enamel coating is a cost-effective way to upgrade your home without the higher cost of purchasing all new appliances.

How Much Does Appliance Refinishing Cost by Type of Appliance?

The cost to refinish appliances primarily depends on the number of cans of appliance-friendly spray paint required for the appliance. In addition, appliances that get hot, like ovens or dryers, will require specialty, high-heat paint, which can cost more than regular appliance paint.


You can expect to spend $150 to $300 for the materials and labor to refinish a refrigerator.

Refrigerators are some of the easiest, most common appliances to refinish. If you’re dreaming of mimicking the look of a colorful Smeg brand fridge without the price tag or creating a rustic, yet functional look with chalkboard paint, refinishing is a good option.

  • Standard refrigerator: A standard fridge with a top freezer will cost $150 to $250 to refinish. The style of fridge has a surface area of about 56 square feet. You’ll need about eight to 10 cans of appliance spray paint at $5 to $7 each, plus labor costs of $125 to $200.
  • Side-by-side refrigerator: A side-by-side fridge will cost about $150 to $300. This type of fridge is wider with a surface area of about 65 square feet, meaning you’ll need about 11 or 12 cans of appliance spray paint. Labor costs will be around $125 to $200.


An oven will cost about $150 to $300 for materials and labor. A standard-sized oven has about 34 square feet of surface area and will require five or six cans of heat-resistant spray paint at $10 per can.


A washer costs about $150 to $250 to refinish. This appliance has about 31 square feet of surface area and will require four to five cans of appliance spray paint at $5 to $7 per can.


A dryer will cost about $200 to $300 to refinish. It has a similar amount of surface area to a washer, so it requires the same amount of paint, but it will need high-heat paint, which costs slightly more at about $10 per can.

How Much Does Appliance Refinishing Cost by Paint Type?

Different types of appliance paints will vary slightly in cost.

  • Epoxy paint: Appliance epoxy paint is formulated specifically for appliances and costs about $5 to $7 per can.
  • High-heat paint: High-heat or heat-resistant paint is crucial for ovens, dryers, grills, or other appliances that reach up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This paint costs about $10 per can.
  • Electrostatic painting or powder coatingElectrostatic painting will cost about $300 for the materials and labor to refinish an average-sized appliance, such as a standard refrigerator. Electrostatic painting is a specialized style of painting that uses positively charged ions to quickly and cleanly apply paint to metal appliances. It leads to less overspray, or waste, compared to spray painting.

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