Let’s say you’re a first-time homeowner, and you’ve just purchased or built your first home. Congratulations! Now it’s time to build, design, remodel, or whatever other home improvements you’ve decided to do. Let’s talk household appliances: how much does a new refrigerator cost? What about a dishwasher? Can you buy appliances used? From the trusty HomeAdvisor, keep reading to find out!

Home Appliances Price List

Appliance TypeLow EndHigh End
Chest freezer$190$1,700
Upright freezer$400$1,650
Double wall oven$1,800$6,560
Washing machine$445$2,300
Clothes dryer$445$2,100

Pricing Appliances by Size

Although they are $2,175 on average, appliances often get more expensive as their size and capacity increases. Refrigerators, in particular, have the biggest price difference between sizes. Keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better. Take into account the size of your family or the number of guests you serve as well as the available space you have for the appliance.

Cubic Feet of Space InsidePrice Range
30 and up$8,000-$10,600

Energy Efficiency Impact on Appliance Prices

Appliances with a higher energy efficiency rating are often $30 to $200 more expensive. These are often a better value since they earn you back that investment over time with lower utility bills. Look for the Energy Star, which is an international symbol that tells you the appliance uses minimal water and power.

Cost of Appliances for New Home

Expect to spend around $10,875 on average for appliances if your new home does not come with any or they need replacement. It could cost up to $24,400 you want smart appliances or other high-end models. Either way, that investment gets you a refrigerator, range, dishwasher, washing machine and clothes dryer. You have to spend more to add a freezer or switch to built-in appliances, like a cooktop and wall oven.

Price of Appliance Repairs

Repairs are around $170 per machine, while refinishing an appliance costs $430 on average. The cost of fixing each machine varies greatly depending on the type of appliance and the extent of the wear or damage. If you complete appliance maintenance, your machines may have less wear and tear, resulting in lower repair costs.

When you purchase an appliance, it’s important that you consider the length and coverage of the warranty. Many appliances have coverage for just a few months, while others have a lifetime guarantee. When the cost of appliance repair is covered by a warranty, it sometimes is only honored if you have the manufacturer do the work.

Make sure you check the details of the warranty before calling an appliance repair pro near you. Some appliances cost more at the point of purchase but carry a longer or more comprehensive warranty, making them a better buy overall.

Finding the Lowest Appliances Pricing

You do not always have to pay full retail price when buying appliances. Hardware stores often knock a few hundred dollars off the total price when you purchase multiple appliances at once. Retailers may also have open box or clearance models available at a discount. You can even look to appliance manufacturers for rebates that refund a portion of the price.

When installing new appliances, it’s important to check that the power and water hookups are in the right places. If you need to upgrade the outlet or move the plumbing to install the new appliances, expect the costs to increase.

Brands and Quality of Appliances

In the past five years, we’ve all become much more sophisticated in our appliance-shopping strategies. We compare prices with a few mouse clicks. We also can go beyond low price tags and look at quality. What do reviews say about that brand of dishwasher? What kind of problems have arisen for owners of that refrigerator model?

A few minutes of research can quickly make it clear that paying for quality brands can save you big bucks in the life of an appliance. That research can also reveal what home appliances prices to expect from each brand.

Bell’s Appliance Service

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