Do you need to sell your used household appliances? Whether you’re upgrading out of necessity, or you’re just ready for a home makeover, here are some places you can sell your used household appliances:

1. Sell Your Appliances Using Facebook Marketplace

In Facebook’s attempt to take over the world you can also find buyers using their version of Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace to sell items. This is a great way to let your friends and connections know that you are selling your appliances.

The main benefit of using Facebook Marketplace over Craigslist is the trust factor. If you’re friends with someone on Facebook you automatically trust the individual more than a stranger on Craigslist.

Plus, Facebook Marketplace makes it easy to share your free listing with others. If you have a good appliance, people can choose to share with their networks as well as increasing your audience dramatically. Make sure to ask friends and family to share with others if you choose to list on Facebook Marketplace.

You can use the same description from your Craigslist ad and choose to edit contact information as well. This is a great way to sell your appliance quickly and easily.

How to Get Started Selling with Facebook Marketplace

To list and sell your appliances on Facebook Marketplace use these simple steps:

  1. From your mobile app click on the shop icon (looks like a house) at the bottom of the app.
  2. Upload the photos that you already used for Craigslist. There is no limit and remember that the more pictures the higher chance of converting viewers into buyers.
  3. Upload your description and change any terms and contact information.
  4. Add your price. You can use the same as Craigslist or choose to edit.
  5. Once sold, mark your item as sold to remove it from the marketplace.

That’s it! Plus, there are no transaction or listing fees as well. Facebook marketplace is a great option to sell your appliances quickly and easily.

2. Sell to Local Appliance Stores

If you don’t want to list online or deal with setting up a garage sale you can also sell your appliances to a local appliance store. Often times they have a used section as well as brand new appliances.

Make sure to call ahead and do some research to see what kind of pricing they offer. Also, specify if they will pick up and what type of charge it will cost. Sometimes, they will have it be a flat fee which is a great option if you have more than one item to sell.

3. Check with Resellers

Along with local appliance stores you can also sell items to local resellers. Check on Craigslist to see if you can find any. Typically, this will yield the lowest return as they are also trying to make a profit. But, if you need cash quick this is another viable option.

4. Have a Garage Sale

Garage sales are more old school than listing online but still a great way to sell your appliances for cash! There are still people who love Garage Sales and even apps like Varagesale and Yard Sale Treasure Map that can help you find garage sales near you!

A lot of buyers that visit garage sales are an older demographic who tend to enjoy the human interaction and seeing the items in person. Make sure you have the items in great condition and available to be picked up immediately.

To attract buyers to your garage sale make sure to list the garage sale on Craigslist. In the listing you can include several photos of the main items and list the others. Entice buyers to come to your yard sale by including your best photos and a short description.

If you want to spend a few dollars on advertising you can also do that as well. Put signs up around your neighborhood and let friends know on Facebook. The more visibility the more likely you are to sell the appliance quickly!

If you’re planning to buy a used household appliance, you might also consider hiring a professional to evaluate your appliance. Trust us – this is an expense that’s worth it, because think of the money you’ll save in the long run by buying used! The downside to buying used is that you may have to arrange your own delivery. This can be trickier with larger appliances. When you buy new, consider all the added costs, and figure out if you’re really getting a deal.Deciding to buy a new or a used appliance can be a tough call, but we’re here to help! At Bell’s Appliance Service, we want to help you with all your installation, repair, and maintenance needs when it comes to household appliances. Give us a call today!

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