Did we hear you say you need even more home trends for our new year? From Newdecortrends, here are their tips for cultivating the perfect kitchen space for 2021.

Technology has advanced far, and this applies not only to gadgets, but even household appliances. Refrigerators consist of various climatic zones, smart ovens are controlled through an application on a smartphone … What other trends have affected modern household appliances?

Today, household appliances with high reliability, energy efficiency and resource saving rates win. Here are the main ways to develop modern household appliances:

  • automatic cooking
  • multifunctionality
  • application control
  • stylish appearance

New features of induction hobs

Food processors with countless functions have long been a part of modern kitchens. Now they not only know how to mix the ingredients of the future dish, they take on most of the work and save incredible time in cooking. However, the 21st century opens up even greater prospects for us. Crock-pots can already independently select the temperature necessary for cooking and will “serve” you a dish by the exact appointed time. And a small sensation of our time – the sensors on induction hobs automatically measure the temperature in the pan and prevent the “runaway” of the cooking food.

Multifunction ovens

Modern manufacturers are no longer interested in conventional ovens. Another thing is “smart” devices with additional features. Ovens independently measure the internal temperature and adjust the cooking time, such as, for example, ovens from Electrolux elux-ru.ru . They no longer need time to warm up, products are prepared faster and with less energy. A new trend is the combination of oven, microwave and double boiler in one multifunctional appliance.

One-touch coffee brewing

Even coffee can already be brewed through the application on the smartphone. Philips Saeco GranBaristo Avanti coffee maker can be remotely controlled. To make coffee, you do not need to get up from your desk or from the sofa; not only that, even the service of the coffee machine is called automatically through the application.

Tricky Washing Machines

It would seem, where to simplify the process of washing clothes? But here, progress does not stand still. Modern washing machines, combined with dryers, at the end of the cycle, give out linen that does not need to be hung up, but can be immediately cleaned in a closet. Moreover, these miraculous aggregates have learned to freshen up linen with the help of steam and aromatic substances!

Modern Refrigerator – Responsible Product Manager

Refrigerators adapt to customer needs and distinguish climatic zones for different products, ensuring their maximum storage. For example, fish and meat will be stored in the department with dry air for the longest time, while vegetables and fruits, on the contrary, need humidity. Lighting inside the refrigerator is provided by efficient LED lamps that mimic the natural spectrum of sunlight, which further increases the safety of products.

Directions in style and fashion

Not only technical innovations determine the modern market of household appliances. Today the trend is retro design. Elegant details, delicate pastel colors and classic shapes give the products on the market an individual character. If you are not interested in conventional appliances, thanks to this trend you will feel in your element. From the screaming variety of colors of refrigerators to toasters in the form of a Volkswagen “Beetle” bus, everyone will find something for themselves. But lovers of modern design will be happy with the news, because stylish models made of high-quality and elegant materials are becoming more widespread.

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