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If you’re shopping for a major appliance this holiday season, you have plenty of incentives to go to stores early. From Consumer Reports, here are some helpful tips for Black Friday shopping this year:

Major appliance retailers have adjusted their Black Friday schedules, starting their big sales early and pacing the bargains over several weeks to reduce in-store crowding and prevent COVID-19’s spread. The Centers for Disease Control recently recommended that people avoid going shopping in crowded stores just before, on, or after Thanksgiving.

So take steps to protect yourself and plan to shop sooner rather than later.

Even if you plan to do all of your shopping from home, start now or be prepared to pounce on short-lived Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals.

You’ll need to act fast because the deep price cuts won’t be as plentiful this season, says Jason Barry, an analyst who covers large appliances for Gap Intelligence, a market research company.

Pandemic-related appliance-manufacturing problems, coupled with high consumer demand, mean that inventories are lower than usual this time of the year. So manufacturers and retailers don’t need to shave 40 percent from the price of many appliances, a common Black Friday practice.

The average discount on a refrigerator, for instance, is 24 percent in current Black Friday promotions, versus 36 percent last year, Barry says. Best Buy’s Black Friday ads feature just four discounted refrigerators, compared with 19 in 2019; for Home Depot, that figure is 11, versus 16 in 2019. Lowe’s ads mention 7 advertised refrigerators; last year, the retailer featured 27 models.

The big-box stores continue to offer their more common 10-percent off savings on some large appliances, with a smattering of larger discounts, Barry says.

“But there will be fewer deals and weaker discounts in general due to a lack of availability,” he says. “So the single most important tip this holiday season is to start shopping early.”

Keep in mind, too, that a deep price cut alone doesn’t make an appliance worth buying.

“Not every discount is a good deal, especially if you end up with a brand that’s repair-prone,” says Mark Allwood, CR’s market analyst for large appliances.

Example: Costco is selling the Samsung RF28R6201SR French-door refrigerator for $1,700 during its holiday sales event. Costco says that’s $600, or 26 percent, off its usual price. But the predicted reliability and owner satisfaction ratings for Samsung’s French-door refrigerators are only Fair, Consumer Reports found.

At Best Buy, for $100 less, you can get a higher-rated LG LFCS27596S fridge right now. And LG has better predicted reliability and owner satisfaction. (Costco sells LG fridges but currently isn’t selling this model.)

Bottom line: Do your homework before opening your wallet. Here are five other things to know to get the best possible bargain.

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