If you’re thinking about refinishing one of your household appliances, we’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions about doing so. Be mindful of the cost of refinishing appliances; aside from the type of appliance and paint, the cost to refinish appliances can depend on whether you need to move the appliance to paint it. You’ll spend more money on labor if the appliance specialist needs to work in a workshop rather than inside your home.

Should I refinish or replace my appliance?

Refinishing an appliance is often less expensive than buying a new appliance. But if your appliance is heavily dented, refinishing it won’t cover that damage. Also, for old appliances that aren’t in good working order, a coat of paint won’t help. It’s a safer long-term solution to replace old, faulty appliances.

You might also consider refinishing your appliances if you want to achieve fun colors. For example, you might not be able to find a cobalt-blue refrigerator for the funky, retro kitchen of your dreams, but refinishing the fridge can help you achieve that aesthetic.

DIY: Can I refinish my appliances myself?

Refinishing appliances is suitable for DIYers, but it does take several hours per appliance. You’ll need to first remove pieces of the appliance that you don’t want to paint. You may also need to slowly and safely move heavy appliances if they are surrounded by cabinets. Then clean the appliance, sand it to ensure the paint sticks, and apply two to three coats of paint. Each coat will need to cure for up to six hours.

Can you refinish high-heat appliances, like ovens?

Yes, you can refinish appliances that reach high temperatures. You just need to use heat-resistant paints, so check the label to ensure your chosen paint is safe for appliances that get hot.

How can I avoid the need to refinish my appliances?

While refinishing your appliances can make them look fresh, you may prefer to keep their original coatings as long as possible. The best way to maintain your appliances’ appearances is to keep them clean.

  • Wipe up messes and spills on appliances as soon as possible.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaners or abrasive cleaning tools.
  • Handle objects with care near appliances to avoid scratching or denting them.

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