Do you want a new kitchen? Many people know how expensive it can be to build a new kitchen or to remodel your current kitchen. But how expensive is it really? From, here are some factors when it comes to kitchen building/remodeling costs:

Kitchen Building Price Factors

Some of the most important decisions you’ll make when deciding to build a new kitchen include:

  • Where it’s located in or out of your home.
  • How big you’d like it to be.
  • If you want custom fitted elements, like cabinets or a kitchen island.
  • The quality of the appliances.
  • How much it costs for preparation, demolition, electrical and plumbing work.
  • Building permit costs, which usually start at about $400.

Kitchen Remodel & Renovation Costs

Kitchen remodel costs range from $13,300 to $37,500. Many homeowners use the 5 to 15% rule to estimate and budget the right amount. Essentially, your full remodel shouldn’t cost less than 5%, or more than 15%, of your home’s value. This ratio will help you invest the right amount to get solid return on investment (ROI).

Other budgeting tips include:

  • Establish how you’ll finance the upgrade.
  • Set your budget before you start hiring pros.
  • Prioritize necessary upgrades, in case your budget runs out.
  • Save money with small DIY work.

What is the cheapest way to get a new kitchen?

If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional, here are a few low-cost ways to get what you want.

  • Rearrange smaller appliances to change the aesthetic and create more space.
  • Install stock cabinetry for more storage – a cabinet installer near you can help!
  • Refinish your cabinets, either with professional help or DIY.
  • Brighten up the entire room with under-cabinet lighting.
  • Give the room a refresh with a new coat of paint.
  • DIY your own backsplash for an eye-catching and low-cost upgrade.

How much does an average fitted kitchen cost?

An average fitted kitchen costs anywhere from $5,000 to $125,000, when built from scratch. A remodel of an existing area costs between $13,275 to $37,500.

What does it cost to upgrade kitchen appliances?

The cost to upgrade kitchen appliances usually starts at about $2,125. Remember, it’s not all about the sticker price. As you’re shopping, consider how energy-efficient upgrades can save you money on your utility bill throughout the year.

How much does it cost to change a bar height to a counter height?

It costs between $12 and $35 per square foot to change a bar height to a counter height. What you’ll ultimately pay depends on several factors, including whether your bar is attached to a wall or not. Here’s a look at some costs that could go into a project like this:

Talk to a local kitchen contractor for help with a project like this one.

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