Have you just upgraded refrigerators or freezers, and you’re wondering about what happens to old disposed appliances? One of several things may happen to your old fridge or freezer once you get rid of it: it may be resold, recycled, or landfilled. At Bell’s Appliance Service, we install, repair, and maintain your household appliances in and around Jacksonville and Greenville, North Carolina. You can expect professional and reliable maintenance work from our trained and experienced crew members every time. We’re a locally owned, family-operated business and we’re excited to help with all your household appliance needs.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there’s a safe and responsible way to dispose of your old refrigeration unit. But here’s more about what happens to your old fridge or freezer once you get rid of it:

  • Resale: Sometimes appliances that are in working condition are refurbished and resold domestically or abroad. Because these appliances consume large amounts of electricity and are less efficient toward the end-of-life, appliance re-sale should be avoided to save energy. Moreover, if units are resold in developing countries, their ultimate disposal is less likely to be carried out responsibly.
  • Recycling: Almost all of the materials in your refrigerator or freezer can be recycled. This includes the metal cabinet, plastic liner, glass shelves, the refrigerant and oil in the compressor, and the blowing agent contained in polyurethane foam insulation. Appliance recycling typically entails recovery of refrigerant and removal of hazardous components followed by shredding of evacuated appliances. Metal components are typically separated and recycled, while glass, plastics and polyurethane foam, are typically sent to a landfill. Because there are no requirements for foam recovery, the blowing agent contained in the foam insulation is emitted during shredding and landfilling—thus contributing to ozone depletion and to global climate change.
  • Landfilling: Typically, when a waste hauler brings appliances to a landfill, refrigerated appliances are separated until a technician recovers refrigerant and other hazardous components, after which, the appliances are landfilled. Sometimes disposed appliances are landfilled whole, without shredding or removal of durable components.

What can you do to ensure that you’re disposing of your appliances in the environmentally conscious way? The EPA’s RAD Program encourages appliance recycling and proper disposal of hazardous components. RAD Partners ensure the proper handling of refrigerant and other hazardous components regulated by federal laws, and foam blowing agents.

Whether you are deciding to buy a new or a used appliance, or figuring out how to dispose of your old appliances in a safe and sustainable way, we’re here to help! At Bell’s Appliance Service, we want to help you with all your installation, repair, and maintenance needs when it comes to household appliances. Give us a call today!

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