At Bell’s Appliance Service, we install, repair, and maintain your household appliances in and around Jacksonville and Greenville, North Carolina. You can expect professional and reliable maintenance work from our trained and experienced crew members every time. We’re a locally owned, family-operated business and we’re excited to help with all your household appliance needs.

If you need a new refrigerator, oven, or dishwasher, you know this will be a relatively big purchase. When’s the best time to buy household appliances? The best way to get the most of your big household appliance purchases is to buy at the right time. Here are a few tips about when to buy:

  • Holidays and holiday weekends: most people know they can find deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but other holidays can save you some money too. Some three-day-weekends, like Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July, and even New Year’s might bring good savings for these big purchases.
  • Right before a new model is released: the price of a new model is at its highest when it first comes out, so you can get a good deal if you wait to buy until you know a new model is about to hit the market.
  • At the end of the month: some retailers and people in sales have monthly quotas they have to hit. So, if a salesperson wants you to buy an appliance more than you need to buy one, you now have the upper hand. Get brave and ask for a discount right away!
  • Certain months: new models typically come out before the holidays, so hold off buying until September through December if you can.
  • Back-to-school sales: this may seem like a weird time to buy an appliance, but consider this – kids moving to college and into dorms/apartments need appliances too. Take advantage of these sales while you can.
  • In the off-season: if you’re looking to buy a seasonal appliance (a grill, room heaters, AC units), buy in the off-season when they’re being demanded less.

At Bell’s Appliance Service, we want your home to be your happy place. We want you to be able to buy the appliances that you want the most while also saving as much money as you can. Call our Jacksonville, NC office at 910-939-2090 or our Greenville, NC office at 252-364-2482 to schedule appliance repair or installation services with Bell’s Appliance Service. We’re looking forward to helping you with all your household appliance needs! Contact us today.

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