At Bell’s Appliance Service, we install, repair, and maintain your household appliances in and around Jacksonville and Greenville, North Carolina. You can expect professional and reliable maintenance work from our trained and experienced crew members every time. We’re a locally owned, family-operated business and we’re excited to help with all your household appliance needs.

One of our many services, among installing, repairing, and maintaining both new and used household appliances, is offering used appliance sales to our happy customers. Buying new appliances for your home can be the facelift your house needs, but we know that financially, it’s not always possible to buy new. This is why we offer sales on used appliances, and you can trust the appliances that we screen to re-sell. Buying used appliances can be advantageous for many reasons. You can save an average of 50% on your appliance when compared to the retail price.

If you’re considering buying a used appliance to save money, you should consider when to buy new and which appliances you can trust buying them used. So, which appliances can you buy used?

When you think about buying used appliances, you’ll only want to consider buying appliances used that don’t need regular maintenance. For example, used refrigerators, gas ranges, and freezers are commonly sold in great condition. When people remodel, these big appliances are usually the first to go. You can even find washing machines and dryers for a good deal and in good condition.

The downside of buying used appliances, of course, is that you don’t always know the full repair history of your appliances, so use caution.

Which appliances should you always buy new? This one is easy: always buy new built-in refrigerators and gas cooktops. Because these appliances require a lot of skilled maintenance, buying them used might create more trouble for you in the long run. Also, consider buying appliances new that use a lot of energy. For example, air conditioners and hot water heaters should be replaced with new appliances when you’re ready to upgrade.

Sometimes you may also consider floor models when buying household appliances. Though they aren’t technically used, they have been on display, and typically you can get a good deal on floor models for this reason. You might not get a full warranty, but you will get a good deal. Consider buying refurbished, refinished, or remanufactured appliances as well.

Deciding to buy a new or a used appliance can be a tough call, but we’re here to help! At Bell’s Appliance Service, we want to help you with all your installation, repair, and maintenance needs when it comes to household appliances. Give us a call today!

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